Managing Subscriptions


Managing Subscriptions on version 1.0.4 was a not so easy task. WP Ultimo 1.1.0 brings a new centralized way to control every single subscription of your site.

One place to rule them all

The new Subscriptions page lets you easily navigate all subscriptions on your network, filtering by status (Active, Inactive, Trialing). It mimics the already popular way some e-commerce plugins deal with orders.

Visiting a Subscription Details page will offer you the opportunity to change almost every aspect of it, from changing the Active Until date of that subscription, to changing the Plan, Price, and Frequency.

Note: Changing Price and Frequency will remove the current integration from that user (the subscription on the remote payment processor will be canceled as well). The user will be required to re-integrate a form of payment.

Billing History

One of the most important elements of the Subscription Management screen is the Billing History block. It will display every transaction performed in the user’s subscription, from payments to refunds to new integrations. You will use that block to provide refunds when necessary (see Issuing Refunds).


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  1. Hi,

    How does cancel a subscription from the dashboard on behalf of the the user. I do not see any way to cancel the subscription in the manage subscription page.


    1. Arindo Duque

      It wasn’t possible until version 1.7.0. Now there’s a big cancel button on the Integration Block. =)

  2. Ramakrishnan R

    When I set a Plan or Upgrade a plan by clicking subscription plan, There is a an error “You must use a valid frequency.” how to overcome this or what is this error mean?
    Thank you

    1. Arindo Duque

      Hum… The frequency, in this case, is the billing frequency. You need to make sure you are selecting a valid frequency (monthly, quarterly or annual).

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