Integrating WP Ultimo with Zapier directly

Although it was possible to integrate WP Ultimo with Zapier via our Webhooks before, there was no way to have a direct integration with Zapier.

That is no longer the case, as WP Ultimo is now an available app on Zapier. To be able to see it on the apps list, though, you’d need to use the invitation link below:

Invitation Link

WP Ultimo is now a Zapier App!

Integrating your WP Ultimo account with Zapier

After clicking the invitation link, WP Ultimo will become available as an app on your Zapier account. You’ll then be able to use the triggers we make available in your own zaps.

Select WP Ultimo as your trigger App:

Select WP Ultimo as your Trigger App

The next step will be to select a trigger. A trigger is an event inside WP Ultimo that will be communicated to Zapier.

In this example, we want WP Ultimo to notify Zapier every time a new account is created

Now we’ll need to connect Zapier with your WP Ultimo network. To do that you’ll need your WP Ultimo’s API Key and API Secret.

On the Connect Account screen, click the Connect button.

Click the Connect button to add your network

This is going to open a new window requesting the API credentials:

Zapier will need credentials to talk to your network. Security first!

Go to your network admin panel and navigate to WP Ultimo Settings > Tools and look for the API Settings section.

Select the Enable API option as it is required for this connection to work.

Go over to your network to copy your credentials. DO NOT SHARE THIS DATA WITH OTHERS

Use the Copy to Clipboard button on the API Key and API Secret field and paste those values on the integration screen.

On the URL field, put your network full URL, including the protocol. In this example, our network lives on (If your network uses HTTPS, use the https: link)

All credentials are in

Click the Yes, Continue button to move on to the next step. If everything works out, you should be greeted by your new connected account!

Our network is connected with Zapier!

Just to make sure everything is in place, let’s click the Test button. We should see a Success message.

Testing it again, just to be sure!

Yes! You’re all set to use Zapier to automate all sorts of processes on your network management flow!

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  1. We hit an error adding your new account
    authentication failed: Unexpected status code 401

    Make sure you click “Allow” or “Accept” on the permission popup
    Double check your Account has the correct permissions
    Check out our help docs for more information


    1. Arindo Duque

      Are you using HTTP authentication to lock your site? If that’s the case, Zapier won’t be able to access the WP Ultimo api endpoints…

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