Changing the Redirect URL after Sign-up

If your site is using a trial period

WP Ultimo, by default, redirects the user to the admin panel of his or her newly created site. If you want to change this behavior, you’ll need to add the following filter to the functions.php file of your main site’s theme.

The example above will redirect the user to his or her site front-end instead, but you can change the return value to any valid URL.

If your site is not using a trial period

If your site does not make use of the trial period feature, your clients will be prompted to pay right after they finish creating their account. This means that the above hook will not work as intended.

To redirect the user after he or she successfully integrates a payment form, use the snippet below:

Like the example above, that code will redirect the user to the front-end of his or her site (home_url()), but can be replaced with any other URL.

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  1. nicod

    Hello, this function is usefull but not for site with no trial.
    On my service I don’t offer a trial period so I need to redirect after payment sucess .However wp_ultimo_redirect_url_after_signup is for signup sucess but not payment sucess. Let me know if you can do another filter?

  2. Arindo Duque

    Hi, @nicod.

    You are right, if you planning to redirect right after a successful integration, you’ll need a different hook. I’m updating the docs to reflect this.

    Kind regards and thanks for the heads up!

    1. nicod

      Hi @arindo. I have made some tests with your fonction on my main theme functions.php without any effect?
      add_filter(‘wu_gateway_get_url’, ‘my_custom_url_redirect_after_payment’, 10, 2);
      function my_custom_url_redirect_after_payment($url, $page_slug) {
      return $page_slug == ‘success’ ? home_url() : $url;

  3. trope

    Hey, where do I have to write down my costumer-url to get that redirect correctly done?

    After payment it should go to a thank you page! I have to trail active! Thanks

  4. Arindo Duque

    If you just plan to redirect the customer to their site front-end, past the example for no trial as is and it should work.

    If you want to send them to another URL, you need to replace the home_url() for a valid link, inside “”s (the link should start with http:// or https://).
    It would look something like:

    1. trope

      Hey thank you very much!!! I am not a crack in php 😀

  5. Hi,

    How would you recommend adding a notification to say registration successful above the login form, as currently they are just directed to the login page and only notified via email that everything was ok, which could be a bit confusing (I would expect a success message to be displayed on the screen as well as an email to come through shortly after).


    1. Arindo Duque

      Hey, Loyd. They shouldn’t be presented with the login page at all if the “Auto-login feature” is enabled… Are you purposely not using the auto-login.

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