Integrating WP Ultimo with Zapier directly

Although it was possible to integrate WP Ultimo with Zapier via our Webhooks before, there was no way to have a direct integration with Zapier. That is no longer the case, as WP Ultimo is now an available app on Zapier. To be able to see it on the apps […]

Translating WP Ultimo

WP Ultimo’s code is developed in English, but the plugin and its add-ons ship with the necessary files (.pot) to allow you to easily translate them to your native language. In this article, we will cover how you can translate your copy of WP Ultimo for yourself, and how you […]

Activating WP Ultimo via the wp-config.php File

Since version 1.7.3, WP Ultimo can be activated directly via the wp-config.php file. To do that, you’ll need to place your license code inside the wp-config.php file, by pasting the following snippet above the  /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

Remember to replace the “Your License Code Here” […]

Getting Started with Domain Mapping in WP Ultimo

One of the most powerful features of a premium network is the ability to offer our clients a chance of attaching a top-level domain to their sites. After all, which looks more professional: or That’s why WP Ultimo offers that feature baked-in, without the need to use third-party […]

Get access to beta releases by joining the Beta Program

Get access to beta releases by joining the Beta Program Since 1.7.0, WP Ultimo has an option to enable beta version notifications (alpha and release-candidate releases as well). This will allow us to ship versions more frequently and catch critical bugs before we release the final version. For it to […]

Getting Started with Site Templates

Introduction Our goal when creating a premium network with WP Ultimo is to automate as much processes as possible, while giving our clients flexibility and different options to choose from when creating their website. One easy way to achieve this balance is to make use of the WP Ultimo Site […]